We can serve you again !!!!

Yes we are open again till 22.00.

YES !! We are open again !!

We can serve you Monday till Friday from 16.00 till 22.00.

                          Saturday and Sunday 12.00 till 22.00.

Last order taken at 21.15!!  

Hope to see you soon


Traditional Dutch Food

Moeders (Dutch for mothers) is known for the traditional Dutch food. For 30 years we serve our famous Dutch Ricedish, which is a combination of all our typical Dutch specialties. For those who don't want to enjoy all of this, there are plenty of other things to chose from the extensive, international menu. 




Mothers' Wall of Fame

In our restaurant Moeders (Mothers) all mothers are heroes. Bring a picture of your mother and we'll put it on our wall.